helicopter sightseeing flight Lienz-Nikolsdorf

Rundflug Lienz-Nikolsdorf

9782 Nikolsdorf

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Helicopters: Bell 206 Jet Ranger

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The Lienz-Nikolsdorf airfield is situated in the sunniest and most weather-resistant region of the Alps. Superbly situated south of the Alps it is located about 10 km east of the sunny town of Lienz. Because of the excellent thermal region is a hot tip.


offers for your flight from Lienz-Nikolsdorf

20 min. Helicopter flight

Hubschrauber Rundlug Cockpit

private flight

30 min. Lienz alpine flight

Hubschrauber Rundflug Lienz

Group flight

private flight

45 min. Großglockner

Hubschrauber Rundflug Lienz-Nikolsdorf Alpen

private flight

60 min. Helicopter flight

Hubschrauber Rundflug Lienz Jet Ranger

private flight

Helicopter flying itself - Jet Ranger

Hubschrauber Rundflug Jet Ranger

marriage proposal / wedding flight

Hochzeitsflug Lienz

Business flights / company events

Geschäftsflüge Lienz

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Video helicopter flight in the Alps

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