Rules of behaviour helicopter flight Switzerland


Rules of behaviour

Please observe the following rules of conduct in your helicopter flight. For questions please contact the pilot on site. We wish you already enjoy your flight.

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Dangerous substances

angerous substances
Smoking, flames, and dangerous goods are forbidden.

Be careful

Acht geben
Watch out for loose items. Supervise your children and animals. .

Keep distance

Helicopter keep distance
Keep a safe distance from the helicopter until the pilot or flight assistants instruct you. Approach on request and keep visual contact. Approach the helicopter from the front or side, never from the rear!


Helicopter approach
When boarding or alighting from the valley side always bend over!


Helicopter safety
Remain buckled up during the entire flight. The doors should be opened and closed only by personnel, except in emergencies.


helicopter emergency
In an emergency: Keep calm, release seatbelts, open the doors and and leave the helicopter. Contact emergency services.


Communicate through the headphones. Inform the pilot promptly if you experience any physical discomfort.


helicopters mountains
Pack walking or trekking shoes and warm clothes for mountain tours.

Enjoy your flight

Enjoy your flight
Mobile phones are permitted - you are more than welcome to take photographs and videos. Enjoy your flight!

Weitere Informationen dazu erfahren Sie beim Bundesamt für Zivile Luftfahrt (German) (externer Link)